Wappsto offers tools that allow everyone to create IoT applications as web apps with integrations and automations.
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What are WAPPS?

Wapps are web apps that have been created in Wappsto. The point of wapps is to combine different things and services in an automated functionality.

There are two kinds of wapps, Application wapps, and Integration wapps. Application wapps combine things and services as a new automation or visualization. Integration wapps take the data of the thing or service, exposed by an API, into the Wappsto Unified Data Model.

wappsto data flow


Small programs or processes that run in the Wappsto cloud to create automation, a visualization, and/or scheduling events, using data integrated from different sources. For example, switch off all office lights after working hours to save energy.


Small programs that “translate” data from third parties and integrate it into the Wappsto Cloud Data model. Examples could be some smart home appliances, weather forecasts or any other valuable information that can help make your life smarter.

Wapp Background and Foreground

Wapps consist of background and foreground tasks. Background tasks run on the server in the context of the user who installed them. Foreground tasks will run in the browser and allow the user to configure their automation.

Example of Applications

ShowMe Application

ShowMe is an energy usage visualization tool to help you find energy-saving potential. ShowMe can visualize where you waste energy and track potential improvements. Furthermore, ShowMe can help you when making ESG reports.

Create a free account in Wappsto and try out the ShowMe app!

Wappsto Application Store

Wappsto is straightforward and easy to use. There’s a “Store”, where all published wapps are available to be installed. When you’ve registered and signed in, you’ll then be able to install a wapp, which will then be found in the section “Installed Wapps”. Each wapp will take you through the steps necessary to connect the thing or service you’re automating. Your account info is collected and controlled by you under “Account”.
Wappsto store

Wapp availability and pricing

We offer tools that allow anyone to create IoT applications and extend certain product functionality, add new integrations and set up automations. Everyone can create a free Wappsto account and start creating wapps. We offer a large number of reference codes and guidelines.

The price of a wapp is determined by the developer.