Wappsto allows you to integrate data from various data sources, for example Weather data, Twitter, Philips Hue, Electricity data, and much more.
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weather integration

Weather Data

Wappsto offers our default integration of weather data from

The weather app retrieves the current weather information for the specified city you enter. Weather updates are retrieved every 15 minutes from the data source and populated in your Wappsto account.

weather integration

Philips HUE Smart Home Devices

Our converter Wapp connects to Philips cloud using an access token to retrieve data from your Bridge and lights connected to it.

weather integration

Shelly Smart Home Devices

Shelly Smart Home Integration include electricity meters, light bulbs, relays, sensors and other accessories.


Energy Data

Energy data fetching from

See an example of how integrations can work together.

In the video, you can see how we combine a door window contact with a thermostat by using block programming.