Wappsto Configurable Dashboards

We provide building point-and-click blocks for data visualization.
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Configurable Dashboards

You can customize different views to your specific needs and preferences. You can, for example, configure a summary of all your devices or make a drill-down view on specific device status and critical details.

Wappsto dashboard charts
Wappsto pre-configured dashboards

Pre-configured dashboards

Get started easily. Our solution comes with pre-configured dashboards that will take you less than a minute to set up.

Geolocation Dashboard

This dashboard will display all your devices that have a location on the map. You can click on the map marker pin to display device details or filter them based on filters you create.
Wappsto geolocation dashboard with filtered devices
Fleet management

Fleet Management

You can create widgets that make fleet management easy. Select a specific device and based on the parameters you set up, all widgets will adapt and show corresponding data.

Custom Dashboards

Customize each and every widget separately to show device-specific data sets.

Wappsto Custom Dashboard

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