Use the built-in data analysis tools to quickly gain initial insights into your data
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Wappsto data analysis

Built-in Basic Analysis

You can quickly analyze your data by viewing maximum, minimum, mean and more, by day, hour, minute, etc.

Predictive Maintenance

Efficient predictive maintenance is a combination of specialized knowledge and quality data information. We offer services to measure and visualise critical data on your equipment, including alarms and warnings. This can significantly improve how you target and prioritise predictive maintenance for your company.

Wappsto Data Export

Import & Export

You can add data to Wappsto as well as retrieve data to process it in other systems such as for example excel.

Optimization Suggestions

We offer services to optimize your business or home, be it optimizing routes when servicing customers, finding assets at your site or reducing the amount of energy used.

SLX Snitch

Predictive Maintenance Analysis Tools

We offer smart IoT tools for gathering and analysing your device data. Do predictive maintenance with Wappsto.