Wappsto Unified Data Model

Devices can be created by different manufacturers, just like applications and services can be developed by different companies with different visions and goals. What we are trying to achieve in Wappsto is to remove obstacles that the word “different” creates, and build a connected world with your help. We achieve that by mapping all the data into our Unified Data Model (UDM).
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We denote “data” as the raw numbers, names, and other abstracted contents that have no context, and without context, they have no meaning. To make data valuable for other people or machines, it needs to be described and categorized within a subject area or domain that discovers data properties and creates relations with other data. Based on our experience in the field of IoT, we have developed the Unified Data Model (UDM) to give semantic meaning to the data coming from sources, such as physical internet-enabled devices, online data services, and applications.