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As Wappsto is in the early stages of its development, the world of wapps is still wide open. We’ve started the party ourselves by creating converter wapps for Philips Hue lightbulbs as well as Open Weather Map, and a mash-up that lets you select a city and change the color of the light bulb according to the current weather in that city. These can be found in the Wappsto store. They are helpful for developers as references, and the source code can be found at our github site.

Additionally, we’ve integrated our own Seluxit IoT Platform into Wappsto, allowing you to integrate your own hardware devices such as a Raspberry Pi into the Seluxit IoT Platform and then use that as an asset in Wappsto. More information on what we’ve termed “IoT Rapid Prototyping” and our own recipe for a "Halloween connected pumpkin" can be found the links below: