You can sell your data, buy my data, and use it in meaningful applications.

What is Wappsto?

Wappsto is an AppStore where you can sell your data and buy my data.

But why would I want to buy and sell data? Data is the key to enriching my personal smart life. If, for example, my neighbor already has a weather station, I can save myself the trouble and just buy his data. Okay, so why would I want my neighbor’s data? With weather data I could for example better control my floor heating. But how do I put the data to use? Wappsto!

Wappsto is the AppStore that Steve Jobs might have dreamt of: a web app store. No SDK, just web standards. Wappsto where data exchange between you and me is improving our smart life. It is the sophisticated way to get your smart things and services to work together. Inspired by the AppStore, Wappsto is a web app store where you can find web apps to automate the stuff in your life. We call them ‘wapps’. Wappsto is also the web-based tool to create and run wapps. Wappsto brings together the capabilities of talented developers with the highly personalized needs of individual end-users. Because developers create with javascript, they have powerful flexibility. This means that end-users are enabled to tackle even the most difficult automation tasks with ease.

What are wapps?

Wapps are web apps that have been created in Wappsto. The point of wapps is to combine different things and services in an automated functionality. Wapps consist of background and foreground tasks. Background tasks run server side and automate processes, while foreground will be run in the browser and allow the user to configure the automations.

There are two kinds of wapps, converter wapps and mash-up wapps. Converter wapps take the data model of the thing or service, exposed by their API, into the Wappsto unified data model. Mash-up wapps combine things and services in new automations. The price of a wapp is determined by the developer.


Why did we make Wappsto?

We created Wappsto in response to recurring high-level challenges that we were facing when developing solutions for our customers within the field of Internet of Things (IoT). Our customers wanted to automate the interaction of their devices, but their customers also wanted to include third-party things and services in their automations.

The desired automations were oftentimes complex, but they wanted flexible configurations in a straight-forward user interface. We realized that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for these problems, so we developed a software framework to make creating these personalized solutions easier.


What is Wappsto’s vision?

Many hands make light work. We want to share the framework that we’ve created with as many as possible, because if we want to help individuals realize their own highly personalized ideas for combining things and services, there’s a lot of work to be done. But we have to work smart. We’ve taken our inspiration from the AppStore, because a market is the optimal way of generating and capturing value.

All market participants stand to gain value. Wappsto features a unified data model which means that the data model of any device or any service from any producer can be modeled in Wappsto. As developers do so, the library of supported devices and services grows that other developers can build on top of. The more things and services that are brought into Wappsto, the more creative combinations can be made meaning more end-users attracting more developers in a positive cycle.


Wappsto Essentials

Wappsto is straightforward and easy to use. There’s the “Store”, where all published wapps are available to be installed. When you’ve registered and signed in, you’ll then be able to install a wapp, which will then be found in the section “Installed Wapps”. Each wapp will take you through the steps necessary to connect the thing or service you’re automating. Your account info is collected and controlled by you under “Account”. Additionally, Wappsto comes with three pre-installed wapps.

Wappsto Examples

As Wappsto is in the early stages of its development, the world of wapps is still wide open. We’ve started the party ourselves by creating converter wapps for Philips Hue lightbulbs as well as Open Weather Map, and a mash-up that lets you select a city and change the color of the light bulb according to the current weather in that city. These can be found in the Wappsto store. They are helpful for developers as references, and the source code can be found at our github site.

Additionally, we’ve integrated our own Seluxit IoT Platform into Wappsto, allowing you to integrate your own hardware devices such as a Raspberry Pi into the Seluxit IoT Platform and then use that as an asset in Wappsto. More information on what we’ve termed “IoT Rapid Prototyping” and our own recipe for a Halloween connected pumpin can be found the links below

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