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In a world where more and more smart things and services become available through APIs, many exciting new possibilities open up. But realizing the new personalized use cases is complex and requires many good, simple solutions that can easily be shared. Wappsto is a tool to make it easy for developers to solve these problems by creating web apps with background automations (wapps). Wappsto is also a service that hosts and runs these wapps. But Wappsto’s point of difference is how developers and end-users share value. Wappsto is an AppStore for wapps. Moreover, Wappsto features social collaboration tools to help foster a cumulative, positive cycle of interaction and value creation.

Dianne the Developer

Dianne wants her garden sprinklers to go off when she leaves the sauna. The sauna and sprinklers are from two different companies, but since both of them are connected to Wappsto, it is easy to create the desired functionality. Dianne develops her app, and it’s great! She sets a price of €1 for the app in Wappsto. Now other people can benefit from her work, and Dianne can even earn some money.
shaun sauna

Hannah the Homeowner

Hannah happens to own a connected sauna and sprinkler system. Hannah is browsing through Wappsto based on the products and services she uses. She notices the wapp that combines the sauna with the sprinklers, and since it only costs €1, she gives it a try. Buying and installing the wapp is easy, and she can also share the wapp with her family so they can use it themselves.
shaun sauna

Everybody wins

Dianne is happy, because she can make her idea a reality and turn a profit, and Hannah is happy, because she now has a growing number of options to make her life smart and fun. The manufacturers of the sprinkler and the sauna are happy, because their products have a new value.
shaun sauna

What’s the connection?

Smart saunas, automated sprinklers, weather reports, smart meters, sports news, parking data, traffic reports, facebook, burglar alarms, fitness trackers, location services… The answer is different for everybody. Wappsto enables getting from answers to actions.